If you’re apple-shaped you’ll want your denim to have a little stretch in the waist, because you tend to carry your weight around the middle.

Choose a high-rise or mid-rise skinny jean that will not only elongate your shape but will also provide a little extra coverage in the midsection and eliminates the dreaded muffin-top. 

bevello pick: JOE'S JEANS Charlie Highrise Ankle/ Dannika

If you have a pear-shaped body type you often have similar waist-gaping issues as hourglass shapes, so you’ll also want a stretchy mid-rise fit that contours to your waist.

Highlight your curves and balance out wider hips and thighs with a super slimming dark wash.

bevello pick: HUDSON Nico Skinny/ Holistic

If you have a rectangular body shape you’ll fit into any style of jeans but a low-waisted, light wash skinny jean will help create the illusion of curves if that’s your goal. 

Choose a waistband that cuts straight across your hips to create the illusion of width. 

bevello pick: DL1961 Farrow Highrise Skinny/ Capecod

If you’re on the shorter side, shopping for denim that fits can be a challenge and by hemming your jeans you’ll miss out on this season’s hottest unique hemlines trend!

Choose a skinny or straight-leg style that hugs the legs and hips to create a lengthening illusion. 

bevello pick: JOE'S JEANS Icon Midrise Crop/ Aisha

If you have an hourglass body type; lucky you - you can pull off almost every denim style! 
But waist-gaping can be an issue for those with smaller waist and full hips and rear. 

Avoid it with a slightly-stretchy mid-rise fit that contours to the waist. 

bevello pick: DL1961 Margaux Midrise Skinny/ Crawford

If you have a strawberry body shape, also known as an inverted triangle shape, you can create balance between a bigger chest and torso and narrower hips and legs with flare-leg denim.

Wearing them in a lighter wash can also help create “volume” on your lower half. 

bevello pick: HUDSON Holly Highrise Flare/ Rogue