College Bar Necklace

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This classic bar necklace lets you show your college pride in style! Options include either NC State or UNC.

-Everything but the bar is 24k gold plated and the bar is 16k gold plated.

-7x36mm,1.3mm thick
-Necklace length:14.5in
About The Brand
Christy is a Raleigh local and the owner of Once Upon a Stamp. With a passion for jewelry and a love for crafting, she started the business with her bestie and identical twin sister Sasha in 2015. What began as a small way to make handmade gifts for the holidays quickly turned into a full-time business. Each piece of jewelry is made by stamping metal stamps with a little brass hammer. Since every piece of jewelry is hand stamped, each one is unique and though two may be similar they will never be identical.